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New Jersey Tree And Shrub Care Services

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Program

The Green-A-Lawn Basic Ornamental Tree and Shrub Program for shrubs and trees up to 35 feet in height includes the following applications and treatments

  • Spring Dormant Oil Spray (March & April)
    • For control of over-wintering egg masses such as Scale, Wooly Adelgid, and other harmful insects
  • Spring Foliage and Mite Spraying (May & June)
    • For control of foliage feeding insects including Leaf Miners and cool season mites
  • Summer Foliage and Mite Spray (July & August)
    • For control of Summer Foliage-feeding insects and mites

Optional Tree and Shrub Services

Green-A-Lawn has additional services for when you consider our tree and shrub options. We want you to have your dream lawn, and provide services outside our usual packages. These treatments can help make your lawn look healthy, lively, and beautiful. Contact us if you have any questions about our tree and shrub services.

  • Granular Shrub Bed Fertilization
  • Pre-Emergence Pest Control Treatment for Shrub Beds
  • Winter Overcoat Spray
  • Fall Dormant Oil Spray for Wooly Adelgid
  • Mauget Injection for Fertilization and treatment of tree diseases.

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