The Different Lawn Treatments Available in New Jersey

At Green-Lawn, we stay on top of the most up-to-date methods for keeping your yard looking its best, but we also keep on top of the most recent developments in the world of chemicals. We aim not only to create the best looking lawns imaginable, but to keep your family and pets safe and healthy as well. Curious what lawn treatmentsare available in your neighborhood? Your Green-A-Lawn experts have quite a few options for you to get the green back in your lawn.

Here is the most comprehensive list of different lawn treatments available in the fine state of New Jersey.

  • Pesticide treatment: From grubs to surface-level insects, protect your lawn from all manner of pests. By following strict safety guidelines, we guarantee a safe yard for your kids and pets to play in.
  • Fungicide treatment: Fungi can rot your plants and lawn over time, which can create an environment for mold near your home. Keep your house safe from mold with a fungal treatment.
  • Weed controller treatment: Weeds can come in all shapes and sizes; from the common dandelion to crab grass and more. Retake your lawn without harming the grass with state-of-the-art weed control treatments.
  • Fertilizers: A breathtaking lawn is more than just regular grass – it is grass that is bursting with life. See vibrant greens and defined blades in your lawn after our slow release fertilizers restore the nutrients that grass loves.
  • Limestone treatment: Can’t figure out why your grass isn’t as healthy as it should be? Restore the soil to a healthy pH level with a limestone treatment. Unhealthy pH levels can stunt your lawn before it even grows.
  • Lawn aeration treatment: All of the above lawn care treatments won’t be as effective as they could be without proper lawn aeration. Lawn aeration perforates the soil with small holes that allow water, fertilizer and more to enter the soil and reach the roots.

Put your fears to rest when you hire Green-A-Lawn. We are happy to customize your lawn care treatment options to include or exclude chemicals at your discretion – without costing you a pretty penny! Call today and see how we can safely keep your lawn looking its best.