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Green-A-Lawn is proud to serve the Park Ridge, NJ area for their lawn and landscape needs. We provide extensive services that will give you a healthy, green lawn to compliment your home or business. Our lawn care services are environmentally safe, so you and your family can safely enjoy the yard. We provide insecticides for grubs and surface insects, applications of fungicides, total lawn aeration and seeding, spot seeding, limestone applications, season-long grub control, broadleaf weed control, crabgrass preventer and more for a beautiful lawn. Green-A-Lawn offers a GreenShield warranty to protect against unforeseen damages as well. In addition, we provide an ornamental tree and shrub program for seasonal spraying including wintering egg masses such as scale and cool season mites, control of foliage feeding insects including leaf miners, and control of summer foliage feeding insects.

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