How to Care for your Trees and Shrubs

At Green-A-Lawn, we want our customers to have the best lawns possible. A well-manicured lawn is shaped primarily by the homeowner. Do you have trees and shrubs in your lawn that could use some help? Are you looking to plant a new tree or shrub to add some variety to your home’s appearance? Green-A-Lawn can equip you with the knowledge you need to make your trees and shrubs grow beautifully.

Here are a few tips and tricks for the best in tree and shrub care.


1. Prune your trees and shrubs

Pruning and trimming your trees and shrubs does more than keep them looking neat and tidy – it can provide several health benefits for the plant. Dead or diseased branches pose threats to the rest of the plant. A disease can spread to the rest of the plant if the limb remains attached, and dead branches pose the perfect entry points for pests.

Be sure to remove limbs where the bark has rubbed or broken off as those are other problem areas for disease and pests. If you are pruning several limbs at once, make sure you rinse off the shears with a rubbing alcohol or bleach solution to prevent the spread of disease through pruning.

Late fall and winter are the best times to prune your trees and shrubs.

2. Watering

Trees and shrubs are excellent at finding and extracting water from the soil, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard watering altogether. Young plants, particularly newly planted ones, can reap tremendous benefits from watering. Within the first year of the tree or shrub’s planting, an inch of water a week goes a long way to ensuring a strong plant and reliable growth.

Evergreens, in particular, benefit from watering. Autumn watering can help shield the plants through the harsh winter months. If an evergreen doesn’t receive enough water in the fall, they become much more susceptible to winter damage.

3. Plant Feed and Fertilizers

Most trees and shrubs don’t need plant food or fertilizers to lead healthy lives. However, in certain areas with poor soil quality or areas where the top soil has been removed, fertilizer may be necessary to keep the trees and shrubs healthy. General-purpose fertilizers typically work just fine.

Be careful not to over-fertilize the soil, which can cause root burn. Green-A-Lawn can help you find the perfect fertilizer and dosage for your tree and shrub care.

Put your fears to rest when you hire Green-A-Lawn. From servicing your lawn to helping you care for your lawn, Green-A-Lawn will work with you every step of the way to the lawn you have always dreamed of. Call today and see how we can safely keep your lawn looking its best.