End of Summer Lawn and Garden Maintenance

At Green-A-Lawn, we hear frequently the myth that the lawn needs less attention as the summer winds down and autumn begins. The truth is, lawn maintenance may be most important during this time! Now is the time to begin prepping for next year’s great lawn while preparing your current garden for the harsh winter months.

Even though grass is growing more slowly, watering is at its most important. Keeping plants strong and watered gives them more vitality with which to combat the cold winter, and come back strong next year. This is the ideal time to spread lime across your lawn as it is too early for full fall preparation, yet the summer has used up most of its nutrient portions.

There are several varieties of insect who thrive in the fall months. Keep an ever vigilant eye out for beetles in particular. Disease is still a threat for some plants, so keep watching the leaves for signs of possible disease. Prune your plants now for a fresh start next year.

There are still flowering plants available for people still looking for some fall colors. Butterfly weed and hibiscus can add brilliant purples and pinks to your garden before the frost sets in. Other perennials thrive during this time as well. Keep your eyes open and you can find plenty of garden flowers to plant and maintain during the autumn months.

Continue to mow your lawn as needed through the fall. As the season draws to a close, drop the mower’s blade to its lowest setting for the last two cuttings of the year. This will allow for more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass, and there will be less leaves to turn brown during the winter.

Weeds are still a threat in the fall, so don’t get lax on taking out pesky lawn invaders. While weeding, find and fill in bald spots that may have formed during the summer months. This gives the new grass time to set in before the snow hits.

Green-A-Lawn knows the importance of proper lawn maintenance at all times of the year. Your best lawn tomorrow begins by planting the seeds today. We offer lawn service packages that cover all of the above tips to keep your lawn fresh and vibrant into the winter. By keeping up now, you can rest assured that your lawn and garden will have the best autumn season of their lives.