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Professional New Jersey Lawn Care Services 

Having a great lawn and landscape raises your home's value. A healthy, beautiful weed-free lawn makes it easier to sell. A disease-free lawn lets your family enjoy their yard without worry. Your home is a key investment. Protecting that investment makes perfect sense! We can help grow your green-investment with a full season of protection and care!

Green-A-Lawn was established in 1968 with a mission of providing professional, golf-course quality lawn care to residential lawns in New Jersey. We currently are made up of five individually owned offices serving the areas of Bergen and Passaic Counties. Each owner is a Certified Pesticide Applicator and has years of experience treating residential lawns like yours.

Why Green-A-Lawn?

For over 40 years Green-A-Lawn has been greening lawns throughout the Bergen and Passaic counties of New Jersey. Thousands of homeowners have been impressed by our results. We credit our success to:

Knowledgeable Staff

All of our lawn applicators have the necessary training as well as years of field experience to keep your lawn looking great. Green-A-Lawn offers professional attention and a full range of comprehensive lawn care services. We work with nature to help you get the healthy, strong, green lawn you deserve. We are members of the Professional Landcare Network, the Jersey Turf Grass Association, and the Association for Environmental Concerns. Green-A-Lawn is your trusted lawn care service. Our staff has extensive training and years of experience, with a passion to keep your lawn looking great.
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Professional lawn care services in Hillsdale New Jersey

Aeration, Seeding & Fungicides

Our aeration, seeding, and fungicides are included with our comprehensive lawn treatment program in the fall. This service is usually at an extra cost from our competitors. When you're considering different lawn care companies, always check what you are getting with each application and then compare to the annual total. In most cases, we will always be the most cost-effective choice with either our 6 or 7-step program including aeration, seeding, and fungicides. Learn more about lawn care services.

Granular Fertilization

We only use slow-release granular fertilizers designed exclusively for professional applications. These slow release micro-encapsulated fertilizers deliver a balanced release of important nutrients and trace elements designed to feed your lawn over a greater period of time. Unlike liquid fertilizers, which produce excessive uneven growth. Our granular materials will keep feeding your lawn between applications. Learn more about lawn care services.

Weed Control

Green-A-Lawn quality lawn care services not only includes applying appropriate fertilizer nutrients for the health of your lawn but also controls nuisance weeds. Our weed control will put an end to those unsightly weeds in your lawn at no extra charge. We understand that your lawn care expectations include weed control. Our treatments will prevent unwanted weeds from rooting. Learn more about weed control services.

Grub Control and Lime

We offer Grub and Lime Control in both our Basic and Comprehensive Programs at no extra charge. Most of our competitors charge extra for these services, but in our long years of experience, we know how important these services are to the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Our goal is to make your lawn look as green and healthy as possible, and that includes controlling your grub and lime contamination. Learn more about grub control services.

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